Of course while in the mist of trying to capture as many pictures as possible and the stress of the shoot, being able to get 100% satisfactory pictures is just simply impossible. However, that does not mean that picture is garbage. Thanks to technology, there are many things you can do to make the picture look much better. Cropping for instance lets you improve the picture by cutting out anything that is distracting and draw your eye away from the primary focus. Retouching is another great tool that adds life to your pictures.


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Posing is very important for even if you have the most perfect attire and perfect location, if the posing is not right, the whole picture can just seem bad. A great way to position you’re subject to give them a more lean and flattering look is by having them posed at an angle to the camera. Photographers should avoided head-on poses with the camera. When posing a large group, staggering the different head heights makes a picture more interesting and appealing to the eye and the eye will be able to move more naturally across the photograph.

Head tilt

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Diagonal lines are always much more attractive and eye catching then straight horizontal ones. With that in mind, having a tiled head in any position is guaranteed to always enhance your photograph.
Chin height
Make sure your subjects chin is positioned right in the middle. Having a low chin is a sign of sadness or low self esteem and can even cause unattractive double chins. However a high positioned chin can cause an impression of arrogance.


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It seems that many people have a problem deciding where to put their hands, causing them to feel out of place and uncomfortable. For best results, it is best to show the side of your hand and keep your fingers opened so that it your hand dose not look like a smudge and fingers are separated so that they can be seen. To avoid hand positioning and hassle, guys may place their hands in their pocket, while the females hide them behind a bouquet. In standing poses, avoid posing subjects with their hands just hanging freely. add some flare by giving your subject something to do for instance, holding their jackets over their shoulder.


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Avoid having feet pointed directly at the lens for that only makes the subjects feel look short and wide. Instead, the subject should pose in a more natural sense by having one foot slightly behind the other. This will also make the subject feel more comfortable.

Three quarter poses

Three quarter poses are poses that are shot somewhere below the waist up.

Full length poses

Full length poses gives you a complete head to toe shot of the subject. In a full length shot, it is important to position everybody parts accordingly to achieve the best photograph possible.

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The bride and groom

When photographing the bride and groom. Avoid having them stand shoulder to shoulder. Instead, have them in a dancing pose or the prom pose, where the bride is standing with her back to the groom at a 45 degree angle. The groom should be grabbing his wife’s waist while the bride holds her bouquet. With bigger group, make sure that the bride and the groom are at the centre of the picture with the group or guests on either side of them. To add charms to the picture, have the group angled in towards the bride and groom. This will also help position the shoulder of the group members.  With very large groups, it not the best idea to have everyone stand in rows. Instead, have people kneel on one knee or use chairs.

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