Married in white, you have chosen right,
Married in green, ashamed to be seen,
Married in grey, you will go far away,
Married in red, you will wish yourself dead.
Married in blue, love ever true,
Married in yellow, you’re ashamed of your fellow,
Married in black, you will wish yourself back,
Married in pink, of you he’ll aye think.
- Nineteenth- Century Rhyme

Choosing your wedding dress is one of those things that most girls have waited for all their life. Choosing a wedding dress to a bride may even be the most important thing in the entire planning of this wedding day.

On your wedding day, you'll want to look fabulous, but you'll also want to be comfortable. You have to remember that this dress you’re going to be wearing for about eight hours, and it will be hard to pose for all those pictures, dance, and, sit, east drink, laugh and most importantly going to the rest room! One thing to remember is when pick your wedding dress finding the right one is like finding the perfect man. It’s that feeling you get inside that tells you that this dress is right for you. Kind of like that feeling you felt the day you know your husband was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. When you do find the perfect wedding dress, you may begin to shed a few tears, that’s a definite sign that you have found your dress. However, if your thinking the dress is okay, then don’t purchase it, keep shopping around.

Considering the type of wedding you’re going to have may be an important factor on what type of wedding dress you choose. For instance, you may consider a shorter tea-length or cocktail length dress for a beach wedding. You may also want to look for wedding dresses that have interchangeable or removable parts. For instance you may want to walk down the aisle of the church with a trail dragging two feet behind you. However, at the banquet hall, trying to dance with two feet of material dragging behind you and people stepping all over it might be a problem. In that case, you may want to find a wedding dress that has clips in which the tail can be hung on. A removable sleeve is also another great idea. Being stuck in sleeves might cause you to hot and might cause perspiration.
When shopping for your wedding dress, make sure you wear the appropriate under garments. For instance, wear a supportive strapless braw in case you decide to try on a strapless dress. Also note that the employee working at the dress store is the one that’s going to be helping you get in and out of the dress, therefore make sure you are wearing something that is not revealing and comfortable for you.

There are a number of wedding dresses out there that come in all different styles, fits and sizes. Think about your body type and what kinds of dresses generally look good on you and will bring out your body’s curves and figure. Take a look at what you regularly wear that makes you feel confident and beautiful, and then look for a wedding dress with similar lines. Also, choose a wedding dress that you know you will fall in love with again no matter how many times you wear it. Don’t buy a dress because you fell in love with it that one time.
If money is an issue, remember that the most expensive kind of wedding dress is not necessarily the best kind. an off white or ivory dress is going to be cheaper than a white dress. In fact, white isn’t the most flattering color on all women. Also, colors such as ivory can actually help not wash out the brides face in photographs. Renting a wedding dress, making one, second hand or floor models are all ways in which a bride can save money.

          Don’t forget this is your wedding day and all final decisions should be made by you, the bride. If you are taking family and friends dress shopping with you, make sure that their thoughts, ideas and beliefs are over weighting yours. At the end of the day all that really matters is you. You grandmother and mother are going to maybe want a more conservative look. However, conservative may just not be your style. You may want something that is a little more revealing and sexy. Bottom line, wear whatever makes you comfortable and feels like you. And have fun shopping for your dress. It should be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you don’t find the dress you want after trying the first few, don’t worry, there’s plenty of wedding dresses out there. Last but not least, some brides may choose two different wedding dresses. Perhaps a more formal one for the ceremony and a less formal one for the reception.


A bride that his having a formal evening wedding may choose to decide a wedding dress that reflects that particular theme and time. A formal evening wedding dress that will fit that particular theme is one that is more formal and made of heavier materials such as heavy satin, peau de soie and shantung. These particular wedding dresses are also topped off with plenty of beading, trims and lace. A more formal dress may also consist of a longer tail and veil as well.
A formal wedding held in the day time may look a little different. The bride might still choose a formal gown, however one that is perhaps lighter weight, especially if we’re facing warmer weather time. Some fabrics that are lighter in weight are shantung or taffeta. She may also choose a sort sleeve and top off the gown with a pair of gloves. A train on this particular dress is shorter, running at approximately three to five feet. This train is known as a “chaplain length tail”


Semi formal wedding gowns whether for evening or daytime are usually less detailed then formal dresses. They may feature the same fabric however will not contain as much trim, beading and lace. If there s a train on this semi-formal dress is maybe one to two feet. This type of train is known as a “waltz-length train.


Informal wedding gowns are more for brides that are not into wearing dresses. These wedding dresses can range from short dresses to even suites. Brides choosing this particular attire usually don’t wear veils. Instead compromise by adding flowers in their hair or wearing a classy hat.


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