Many may be confused of what exactly a digital image is. Simply put, digital imaging means pictures are held in the form of so and 1s. But what exactly does all this mean? When an image is captures, it is made up of a mosaic of squares- pixels, digitally encoded in Os and 1s, which form a grid.  Within the grid, tiny squares are located, each of which describe the color and brightness of that particular square. The number of pixels in each image is known as the images resolution. As we have previously stated, the more pictures the better your result will be. Each image pixel is described in terms of 24 bits.


One of the world’s most successful wedding photographers, winning both the Fuji and Kodak wedding photographer of the year, claims ‘with digital imaging I can relax and sleep again.” He’s always being a daring photographer constantly looking for new ideas to strike his interest. Keith’s move to a digital camera was not an easy choice. Could Keith really rely on technology to capture this event that only happens once in a couple’s life? Quickly, Keith began loving the use of a digital camera; however, the costs of printing seemed to be a throwback. However, he started testing new waters by burning his images on CD-ROM’s. Making and showing prints on site have also added to Keith’s great success and increase in sales. At the reception, Keith was able to present the couple with a framed and signed photograph that has been personalized and signed by all their loved ones and guests. By using a digital camera, guests were also able to see their photographs immediately, causing an increased demand for print sales.  As we can see, even though Keith was spectacle at first, the end result was worth it all.


Charles green in the year 1992, became the first photographer who was capable of risking it all and produce a wedding album made up entirely of electronic pictures. He was also the first portrait photographer in the UL to have a digital image facility and also the first to win the Kodak Gold Award with digitally manipulated images. He says that “I haven’t been so excited since I got mu first meccano set. Going totally digital is the best thing since photography began.” He says with “wet” photography, you notice a few things that are off, but the time it takes to fix them is overwhelming, time consuming, and expensive. Today, everything can be done with the computer. “you are only limited by your own imagination.”


A great piece of information for all professional photographers is that going digital will unlikely break you. There are three primary reasons why one should go digital. Fist, digital cameras have a much less lower film and processing charge. By just going digital, you will reduce your expenditure on proofing, film and processing costs. Second, we have increased bookings. When clients are looking to hire a professional photographer, they want someone who they feel can offer them what they want. In order to capture the attention of your potential client, it is important to have a good-quality, updated website that is easy to find. Display different pieces of your work. This is a great way to advertise your work in an inexpensive way. Last but not least, greater sales per session. Sometimes, buying dozens of individual photos may be very expensive for a couple. As a photographer, it is important to provide your customers with different ways in which they can distribute their pictures to family and friends. CD-ROM proofs or contact sheets are much quicker and cheaper. Another thing one can do is while in the wedding, is while taking shoots of the family get to know the names of the family members while taking the picture. This allows you to then approach the individuals and give them you business card, without seeming too pushy. Also, at a wedding, with of course the consent of the bride and groom, you can distribute your business cards at each other the tables.


Speed is also another huge advantage of digital cameras. A photographer needs to be able to capture moments quickly, giving them a more realistic feel. The more pictures you take, the more pictures the couple is bound to buy.
With a digital camera, making copies and moving images to different locations are quicker and very easy to do. There are several products available that can take memory cards and copy their content to another device.  Also, no matter how many copies you make of a picture, the amount of detail in the final copy will always be the exact same. However, the same cannot be said after only 3-4 copies of a silver halide image.


The more flexibility one has when working with digital cameras the greater the end result will be. Because of the amount of technology and techniques available, one is able to take one picture and turn it into a whole new one, by only using one set of equipment. Along with flexibility comes shaping and sharpening. Let’s say you take a shot but you don’t like half of the background. With a click of a button you can crop whatever you want. Also, the addition of text or the addition of sound and music also add to the advantages of using a digital camera.
So why go digital? Digital photography meets and over exceeds the photographer’s definition of great quality, quantity, flexibility, speed, control, cost and artistry. It’s simply the greatest invention in the eyes of a photographer.


Not everybody that is a professional photographer is going to be trained artistry or be highly skilled in photography. However, there are a few small tricks that can improve the quality of your picture and add an impression. For instance, adding a thick border to a smaller image creates a much larger image. Changing the color of your picture and using split toning are also acquired skills.
Image processing software
One thing that dose make using a digital camera a great investment is that its not as time consuming as a traditional camera, and the editing could be done in a matter of seconds thanks to different programs available on the market. Adode Photoshop is one of the more popular programs used by many people especially photographers. Adobe allows the photographers to control and add spunk to the images colors, do needed retouching, remove certain distracting and unwanted spots and even eliminate red eyes easily in and in a matter of seconds.


Helen Yancy is a great women and inspiration to many aspiring photographers.  She is the first person to earn all four PPA degrees (master of photography, master artist, master of electronic imaging and photographic craftsman). She was also awarded the very first international Honorary Gallery award in 1997. In fact, she was even invited to the United Nations to receive a medallion for leadership, service, artistic and photographic ability by the international Council for photography.  Helen is particularly inspired by people and their faces; she first started using oil paints to create self portraits, for she felt that allowed her to capture the true essence of her subjects. Helen claims even though she spends more time painting these portraits, she’s having much more fun and experiencing less of a headache by avoiding technology. So how did Helen get on the road to perusing a career to digital photograph after she vowed she would never go to using digital? It all started when she attended a digital demonstration and within six months says she was refusing to do traditional retouching. Now, everything she does starts and ends in Adobe photo with coral paint in-between.


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