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This mode is ideal for new photographers who are not as experienced yet in the field. Having your camera on automatic means that the camera will do all the deciding and thinking for you.


The program mode is similar to the auto mode; however it still lets you have some control over the camera’s settings.

Shutter priority

In this particular mode, you get to choose the shutter speed and the camera takes the role of choosing the most appropriate setting to match the brightness of the scene. A short shutter speed is used to freeze moving objects, while a long one will blur them.

Aperture priority

This mode allows you to select the appropriate aperture, while the camera selects the shutters speed.


In this made you have full control over all the settings giving you full and complete control over the exposure.


When shooting in portrait mode, the camera carefully selects a wide aperture to keep the subject in focus, while blurring the background out.


Used primarily for landscape scenes, this particular mode uses a narrow aperture to keep as much as possible the scene in focus. This results in longer shutter speed.

Night portrait

This mode is pictures of moon and stars or any nightly events. This mode consists of a well exposed image of a subject against night scene. In order for the camera to capture this scene, the cameras flash is used to illuminate the subject.  The shutter which works in duration of the flash, is then left open for a longer time to allow the less powerful ambient light to register in the image.

Artistic effects

This mode gives the picture a vintage and unique feel by using palette and brush. This may include shooting in black and white, sepia-tone, vivid and natural colors.

Panoramic Mode

In this mode, the camera helps you create a series of slightly overlapped shots, which can later be combined into one big image with the help of image-editing software.  Taking a number of shots repeatedly one after the other can help ensure that you will get at least one great shot.


This model lets you shoot as much photography as you like as long as the shutter button is pressed

Aperture and shutter speed

The aperture you choose primarily determines two things. First, it determines the amount of light that is allowed to hit the image. The smaller the aperture, the less light reaches it and vice versa. The more changed occur in the aperture, the amount of light reaching the sensor is either doubled or halved. For instance, f/11 is half as might light as f/8, which is twice as much light at f/16. The other half of this exposure equation consists of shutter speed. Its simple, if you have a wide aperture, which primarily allows more light to enter the camera, you need to back that up by having a reduced shutter speed so that the large amount of light t enter for less time. Again, if you decide to shoot in the aperture mode setting, the camera will determine the speed of the shutter.

Depth of field

The depth of field is the area between the closes and furthest points from the camera that are suitably sharp in the image. The smaller the aperture, the more concentration and depth of field in the photograph for more of the background remains in focus. Using a wider aperture keeps your subject in focus but blurs out the background. This can cause a unique photograph.

Shutters speed

To recap, the shutters speed refers to the amount of times the cameras shutters remain opened allowing light to hit the image’s sensor. When referring to how fast the shutters speed is, it si usually rated in a fraction of a second. If the shutters take 1 second to close, they are letting in twice as much light then ½ a second. Shirt shutter speeds are typically used to control exposure in brightly lit situations or to freeze moving objects. Shorter shutter speeds also help when it comes to shaking and blurring that occurs from movement of the camera or mishandling the camera incorrectly.

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