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Professional Wedding Photographers-Wedding Video Photo

Special to all guests from the web

M & G Photo & Video Productions is proud to offer every couple who mentioned this add from the web, the following incredable package, wedding video photo:

  1. Videography
  2. Photography

We are ready to provide you with all the above, Wedding Videography and photography, for $1,800 canadian dollars surving in the GTA area.

For more information about this package, please click here.

Professional Wedding Photographers - Wedding Video Photo

Baby Photo Video

M & G Photo & Video Productions is proud to announce a line of service which is Baby Photo Video. M & G provides wedding videpgraphy photography in mississauga and all the GTA region specialized in wedding video photo services.
Professional Wedding Photographers - Wedding Video Photo - Wedding Photographer in Mississauga

New Streaming Service for your wedding video photo

M & G Photo & Video Productions is proud to announce a new service which allows us to stream your wedding so your loved one can watch your wedding live if they live far away. M & G provides wedding videpgraphy photography in mississauga and all the GTA region specialized in wedding video photo services.
-Wedding Video Photo - Wedding Photo Video

Chaldean Church Events

M & G Photo & Video Productions is proud to announce a new service which allows the members of the Chaldean church to receive special services such as:
1. Events on Demand
2. Live broadcast of the church events

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Wedding Photo Video- Wedding Photographer in Mississauga

Welcome to M & G Production - Wedding Video Photo

M & G Photo & Video Productions is a full production company that focuses in, wedding photography videography, wedding video photo, Wedding Photographer in Mississauga, or we should say wedding video photo with top wedding professional photographers and videographers that focus on quality performance and customer satisfaction, giving you the glamour of your special moments on both video and photography. At M & G we believe that your wedding day is important beginning of a new chapter of your life. This is why we take pride in making your wedding day the best, by capturing all your special memoents on video and photo together. At M&G Production we have Female Arabic DJ as well.





-Wedding Video Photo - Wedding Photo Video


Choosing your wedding dress is one of those things that most girls have waited for all their life. Choosing a wedding dress to a bride may even be the most important thing in the entire planning of this wedding day.








toronto wedding service -Wedding Video Photo - Wedding Photo VideoBefore choosing your bridesmaids dresses, you must make sure you know exactly who all your bridesmaids are going to be. Choosing your bridesmaids dress can be a taught experience for there are a number of things to look for and consider. Choosing the best bridesmaid dress takes time and much needed effort. A list of the following things to consider is listed below, in no specific order.



toronto wedding service -Wedding Video Photo - Wedding Photo Video

Your wedding is definitely made more special by the look and feel of the wedding venue and the reception. No wedding would be special without the color theme, the accessories and other decorations prepared for the wedding. These days, weddings mostly have set themes.

toronto wedding service -Wedding Video Photo


Decorating your reception table during your wedding is very important.  You can add to the general look of your table by adding wedding centerpieces.  This will not just enhance the look of the table but the whole wedding itself.
As much as you want to believe that the guests would just attend a wedding to be a witness to the couple who are getting married, they would also like to check on how they have decorated the venue. 





toronto wedding service-Wedding Video Photo - Wedding Photo VideoMuslim weddings are much more than just marriage ceremony’s, they are the joining together of two family units to become one with the other. They are elaborate affairs where beauty abounds. The Toronto Wedding Photography, or Wedding Photographer in Mississauga, makes the pictures magical as they capture each moment in time.





toronto wedding service-Wedding Video PhotoThe Hindu ceremony starts off when the bride is brought in carried on a platform or “palanquin‿by her closest male relatives to her groom who is sitting under a canopy or “mandop.‿Under this canopy, a number of rituals can take place.



CHURCH DECOR-Wedding Video Photo

toronto wedding service-Wedding Video PhotoWhen you plan on getting a priest, minister, or rabbi imam, to witness the joining of two individuals, most likely couples will choose one they know or one whose services they attend. Requesting to have a priest, minister or rabbi you may not know isn’t the best idea for you don’t have a special relationship formed with them. Most likely, your ceremony will be held in that ministers place of worship. However some ministers, rabbis, and imams may even conduct wedding ceremonies at a hotel, restaurant, clubhouse or parents house. It’s a little harder being creative when it comes to some religions that have strict regulations on how things are done. However if you are lets say catholic, you may be able to pick your own readings and add a few decorations to the church. However make sure you consult the priest first. Some churches and other holy places don’t want decorations added to their own décor.

WEDDING CAKES-Wedding Video Photo-Wedding Photographer in Mississauga

toronto wedding service-Wedding Video PhotoChoosing the most perfect and delicious wedding cake is just as important as any other element of the wedding. You want to make sure it looks good on the outside however still tastes good on the inside as well. When choosing your wedding cake this is your chance to personalize your wedding cake to bring your character and personality.




toronto wedding service-Wedding Video PhotoHaving great food at your wedding is very important. However, the way in which the food is served differs variously, all of which are listed below.




Wedding DJ-Wedding Video Photo-
Wedding Photographer in Mississauga

toronto wedding centre-Wedding Video Photo - Wedding Photo VideoOne of the important things that you must do is getting a service from the best wedding DJ in town.  Being a music DJ is not only by having the skills to control all the gadgets and play all the music that you want for your event.  It is more than that.  Moreover, since wedding DJ has high professional fees, it is must for you to find the best DJ that you can hire.


toronto wedding service-Wedding Video Photo

Wedding Limousine-Wedding Video Photo-Wedding Photographer in Mississauga

Limousines are very popular cars today.  They have gained their popularity not only because of their variety of models but because of how they are being used in special occasions.  Weddings are example of events where limousines are being hired.
Why does a couple invest on hiring a wedding limousine?  The reason is that the event is so special that they want to have the best care to bring the bride to the wedding venue.  Limousine is the only car that would serve as the best bridal car for this event.  The elegance of the limousine will match the vibrant look of the bride on her wedding day.  You cannot just settle for anything else. 


Wedding Videographer Toronto-Wedding Video Photo

toronto wedding service-Wedding Video PhotoA missisauga wedding photographer videographer is equipped with all the tools and technology to make a partylook great. He/she will have the latest technology all capable of pumping out the greatest look for your missisauga wedding, baptism or Bar Mitzvah.

There are many types of pictures that can be taken throughout the wedding night and what is important is to have a photographer flexible enough to cater to all genres of looks for all types of individuals at the missisauga wedding party or other missisauga event.


Wedding Photography Videography - Wedding Video Photo

toronto wedding service-Wedding Video PhotoIn your wedding day you can't decide what kind of party to throw to your guests and family from simple wedding to high level wedding. Your wedding reception doesn't have to be 20,000 and up your limousine doesn't have to be 20 passenger or maybe 10 passenger your main course doesn't have to be two different meat in it. You just a dream about your wedding day and leave the rest for us. our company we try to take your hand and show you the right way and give you different idea for your wedding date and simple way with simple budget and make it look a great wedding day. So if you want to do your wedding ,you're the in the right place so we will walk with you step-by-step to show you the right way. So if you want to do your wedding as( unforgettable) wedding if you want all your guests and family to remember your wedding day often and often and even 10 or 20 year after your wedding day. We can help you to do that. it is one time in your life so it should be organize right, by putting your own touch in your wedding day from choosing your own wedding dress and your invitation and keeping the theme of selecting the right wedding hall, and the right vendors, to give your wedding day a special touch by choosing the professional vendor. Arabic Female DJ also available to your event.



toronto wedding service-Wedding Video PhotoBefore making or ordering your invitations, you must know how many people you are inviting, where your wedding is taking place, and what time. The invitation should complement your theme and style of your wedding. Female Arabic DJ available as well


Toronto Wedding Photographer

Wedding Ceremonies

While most of the traditional aspects of weddings are performed during the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception too has its own share of tradition. It is during the reception that the wedding cake is cut, the bride and groom dance with their parents and other cultural traditions take place. This is where detail is of the essence to ensure you capture the moment. Careful attention must be paid to display the cake properly or to capture At M & G we provide you with the wedding videography and photography you need for your ceremonie.

A wedding cake is only one of the highlights of the missisauga wedding reception, not just the cutting but also the display. Your wedding cake is going to be the center of attention at the reception (apart from the bride and groom of course) and thus needs to be displayed properly


toronto wedding service-Wedding Video PhotoBridal showers and parties are a great way to get the two sides of the family together and communicating, and get to know each other before the wedding day arrives, so that nobody feels out of place. These parties are also a great way for the bride to remember that this is a happy occasion and forget about the stress off the wedding planning. At the bridal shower, the bride is “showered‿by many gifts from her family and friends.



toronto wedding service-Wedding Video Photothe purpose of a Chinese wedding is to join and two families together. A traditional Chinese marriage is best described as a transfer of personnel (the bride) from one group to another. This transition was not arranged by the bride and groom but rather by their respective families, who take on the “match marker‿role. Wedding Video Photo.



toronto wedding service-Wedding Video PhotoIf you’re a bride that doesn’t like to wear makeup here’s the one day that you should definitely make an exception. If you’re not a fan of makeup you should do some research to see what you like and what you think will look good for you. Make up when of course done right will enhance your wedding pictures. Wedding Video Photo. Female Arabic DJ also available.




toronto wedding service-Wedding Video PhotoNo question asked, your wedding day is going to be the most memorable day in your life as a couple. So choosing your wedding photographer is very important. You don’t just want to leave your wedding photography in the hands of any individual. You want to make sure the person you hire to do your wedding photography is well qualified and capable. Wedding Video Photo


Wedding Planner


toronto wedding service-Wedding Video Photo
Organize, organize, organize, it's the key to successful planning. Keep track of all the itty bitty particulars that come with a mississauga wedding. Here are a few
ways you can organize yourself throughout the planning process:
Get a notebook or planner to help keep all those important dates and reminders. Not everyone needs a planner, but we all need to have something to jot down spontaneous ideas or contacts throughout the day for your mississauga wedding. If you want to use a planner, choose wisely.


toronto wedding service-Wedding Video PhotoYour wedding centre pieces are an important part of your wedding décor and can add that extra charm to your wedding. Your wedding centre pieces are also the main focus and attraction of each guest sitting at that table. When choosing your centre pieces you have many options so creativity is the key. The number of tables you have may also determine how much you are willing to spend on your centre pieces.

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